Delta County is diverse in its terrain and offers numerous hiking trails and peaks to summit. From canyon floors to alpine heights you will find just what you are looking for.

 The Tourism Cabinet

The Delta County Tourism Cabinet is made up of seven appointed people from around the county. They are in the tourism business, or have been involved with event planning, guiding & outfitting, or the arts. The members are from the Surface Creek Area, North Fork Valley and Delta, with one at-large. They are appointed by the county Commissioners to serve three year terms.

Delta County Tourism Cabinet Members: Wilma Erven, Delta; John Taylor, Delta; Kathy Hirschboeck, Surface Creek; Tony Vervloet, North Fork; Yvon Gros, North Fork; Tim Gallegos, At-Large; Edd Franz, BLM Advisory; Albert Borkowski, USDA Forest Service Advisory; Trish Thibodo, DCED Advisory.

Delta County Commissioner: Don Suppes 970-874-2100

Delta County Administrator: Robbie LeValley 970-874-2100

Delta County Tourism Coordination: Kelli Hepler 970-874-9532





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Delta County, Colorado

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