5 Trails You Should Be on a First Name Basis With

Grand Mesa Land O Lakes

The last time you hit the trails with your mountain bike or hiking shoes, were there a few too many other outdoor enthusiasts on the trail? It’s a great time to check out the less tapped into trails of Delta County. We have a sampling from an easy hike, to a kick-your-butt bike ride — with some dirt in your teeth kind of ride!

Land O' Lakes Overlook

1. Let’s start with the sissy trail. This one is more about the view than the workout. The Land O’ Lakes Overlook is a half mile long with a paved trail that is well maintained by the Grand Mesa National Forest Service. Without much effort you will be rewarded with views of 18 lakes, the San Juan Mountain Range, the West Elk Wilderness, the Uncompahgre Plateau and, on some days, the La Sals in Utah.

Crag Crest Trail Alexander Polish Sausage

2. The Crag Crest National Recreation Trail. Be sure to keep your arms and feet inside of the trail at all times – you will feel like your are standing on top of the world. A strenuous hike is to be expected. The Crest portion of the hike has some steep drop offs.

  • For Land O’ Lakes or Crag Crest you might want to pop into Alexander Lake Lodge for one of the best authentic Polish sausages in western Colorado, handmade and smoked on site with a variety of delish sides.

Jumbo Trail 1 Paonia Musicians

3. Now onto Jumbo Mountain outside of Paonia, for the fun of it. After 1-2 miles of fairly smooth riding, it’s a steady workout with some switchbacks to navigate. There is some hike-a-bike terrain to consider on the way to the top, but you can do it. Then you get a chance to relax and be rewarded with great views for your efforts. Bike like a local, drink like a local, is one motto in Paonia. Link to More

  • The trail is close to Paonia where Revolution Brewery awaits with a cold, locally made, selection of microbrews.

Potholes Rock Art Escalante

4. The Escalante Rim Loop offers a variety of trail choices to fit your needs.. Desert Big Horn Sheep and other wildlife traversing the hillsides will be about the only signs of life you may encounter. The Rim Loop is a mixed use trail system. ATVs, horseback riders, bikes and hikers all enjoy this area outside of Delta.

  • Nearby Delta offers a selection of dining options from healthy to all the carbs you can stuff in your face. CB’s Tavern pours local microbrews as well. Link to Map

Gunni Gorge

5. Now for the Sidewinder Trail, the big boy trail. The people who designed this trail know how to have fun and keep things interesting. The entire system is just over 20 miles and provides sections for singletrack, horseback and motorized riding. It’s easy to get caught up in the fast and flashing portions of the ride, but make sure to stop for the great views and a slog of water.

The Sidewinder is quickly becoming a favorite for many levels of riders. Link to More or for a Map

De-Densify Your Outdoor Recreation.

It’s time for you to find your trail and the room you want to enjoy it. For more on planning your trip to Delta County or call 970.874.2115. You can visit us on Facebook too!


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